I have known Olivia for decades, and have been working with her closely for the past four years through the publication of her two most recent novels. She is a total professional who is dedicated to delivering the highest quality work she can provide. She is a careful student of writing and a wise teacher, an insightful and energetic collaborator. I strongly endorse Olivia for any work associated with writing or editing.

— Lou Aronica, President and Publisher of The Story Plant

I have had the privilege of working with Olivia for over five years on a variety of fiction and non-fiction book projects. The combination of her expert editing skills, her own publishing record, and her professional knowledge of the publishing industry adds up to a person who is frankly unique. As a psychotherapist I have to say that her emotional intelligence—EQ—is exceptionally high, which results in a degree of sensitivity and insight into human behavior that allows her to bring out the best in those colleagues she works with, coaches in their writing, or guides with her editing. She also brings that EQ to the page to develop authenticity of character in fiction and non-fiction narratives. It all adds up to a special assemblage of skills and capabilities. Olivia is a truly exceptional person—and a professional associate I hold in highest regard.

Dr. John L. Hart, National Bestselling Author and Executive Director SBAF

Olivia contributed her heart and soul to the project and went far beyond the duties she signed on for. She is a passionate, talented professional and I am so grateful for our association. I can’t wait to collaborate together again!

— Sue Scheff, Author of Shame Nation on Google Bomb

Olivia pulled the strings, focused the thoughts, spotted the holes, and led this effort in a way that made my writing far easier. A consummate professional in every sense of the word, her contribution has earned my highest esteem.

— John Dozier, Jr. on Google Bomb

Working with Olivia on my memoirs was a deeply rewarding experience. I was able to entrust her with my private journals and count on her sensitivity as I relived a very difficult time in my life. A seasoned veteran who understands the complexities of the publishing industry, her coaching was invaluable. But it’s her integrity, perseverance, and friendship I prize the most.

— Tom Wilson, Ziggy cartoonist on Zig-Zagging: A Memoir

We are grateful for the depth and continuity, as well as the editorial and organizational skill that Olivia contributed to Autobiography of a Freedom Rider. Her boundless energy, creative support, and deep respect for the integrity of this book and its authors enhanced a very rewarding publishing experience.

— Natalie Bell, co-author of Autobiography of a Freedom Rider: My Life as a Foot Soldier for Civil Rights

I hired Olivia to put together a professional portfolio aimed at foreign sales and the results were nothing less than stunning. Her attention to detail, grasp of positioning, and copywriting that sings made this a terrific investment. A joy to work with!

Tara Janzen, NYT Bestselling Author

As Editorial Director for HCI Books, I turned to Olivia for various publishing services (ghostwriter, book doctor, consultant, author, series developer, writing coach). As a ghostwriter, she fulfills the needs of authors while providing the quality craftsmanship publishers rely on to make their lists reputable. As a book doctor, Olivia has gotten me out of some real jams with very limited time. Her versatility has enabled me to call upon her expertise in a wide range of nonfiction as well as fiction. Olivia's signature style, flavor, voice, intuition, professionalism, and ferocious ability to entertain is an invaluable gift to the publishing community. In the many capacities she has served, I believe she is second to no other.

— Michele Matrisciani, Founder, BookChic and Author

Thanks to Olivia's astute coaching, combined with her insightful and pinpoint editorial skills, I successfully made the challenging transition from writing prime time television to crafting compelling thrillers and charming children's books. Two big thumbs up! She's an absolute gem.

— William Neal, Author and Award-Winning Producer