True Vows

As the Series Developer for this fact-meets-fiction hybrid of reality-based novels, True Vows was one of those rare opportunities that you dream about.

The brainchild of HCI Editorial Director Michele Matrisciani, we relied heavily on our exceptionally skilled authors to pioneer a subgenre called reality-based romance—a concept so new it was trademarked by HCI Books as RB™ romance. These bestselling launch authors were Julie Leto, Alison Kent, and Judith Arnold, then went on to include Cindi Meyers, HelenKay Dimon, and Tara Taylor-Quinn.

During its short but thrilling lifespan, True Vows generated impressive reviews and a lot of attention from the media. The books, authors, and couples received national and international coverage from the BBC, the Washington Post, the National Examiner, Macleans Canada, Britain’s The Independent, Better Homes and Gardens Real TV, and more.